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Just a bit background; I’m sort of the master of weightloss and body manipulation as I’ve been systematically losing weight over 20kg’s in 3 months by pure mathematics and with no exercise. Obviously, I was having a severe eating disorder and wouldn’t recommend anyone doing the same, but I know exactly how to lose weight and I can calculate every gram I lose or gain. First of all, it’s good to acknowledge that losing weight is purely caused by calorie intake being less than body consumption which causes your body to use fat as energy source. Body uses energy for basic body functions (breathing, thinking, organ functions, moving). One can increase their energy need by exercising, but this is usually a lot less than what people think. Don’t trust on numbers you see in gym machines, in average people consume around 70-200kcal per gym session, which is quite small amount (only about couple apples).

It is becoming a well known secret that consuming fewer carbohydrates will result in natural weight loss. Eating less carbs is a natural way to lose weight because foods that are low in carbs are provided by nature. Foods that are high in carbs are refined or processed. These processed foods are loaded with sugar, starch, and trans fat. Processed foods are also already broken down, so your body doesn’t have to do the work. Natural low carb foods will force your body to burn fat for energy, rather than the sugar and starch in processed foods. Once your metabolism begins to burn fat instead of glucose, then foods that contain natural sugar and starch can be introduced into your diet. There are a few « base » foods that one should eat when considering a low carb diet. Of these, complete protein is very important to weight loss and proper bodily function.

The main goal of this eating pattern is to minimize your carb intake to make the body use fat as a source of energy. When you drastically reduce your consumption of carbs and increase fat intake, your liver starts producing ketone bodies from fat. Ketone bodies are small molecules that serve as an alternative source of energy for the body and brain. Ketosis is a state when your body uses ketone bodies (fat) as a primary source of energy. This diet contains all essential nutrients, and minimizes feelings of hunger as you can eat high fat foods that lead to a feeling of satiety. Thus, elimination of carbohydrates forces the body to start the process of breaking down fats which leads to weight loss. Start a keto diet step by step, gradually reducing your carbohydrate intake by 10 grams per day. Increase your fat intake every day for satiety, while maintaining your protein the same.

Clean foods encompass foods that were not manufactured and do not have any preservatives. Stick to the rule that if it grows from the ground or in a tree, you can eat it. In addition you can eat meats that are low in fat such as turkey or chicken. Replacing fatty foods with fruits or vegetables will help you lose weight. The fiber in fruits and vegetables makes you feel satisfied and full despite the fact that you are taking in fewer calories. When committed to a reduced calorie diet, high fiber fruits and vegetables are the way to go. Losing weight is not just about looking good, it is about having a healthy body that will function as you grow older. Many people do not stick to their weight loss diet long enough to see their body’s transformation, which is the best part! Losing weight is as simple as eating healthier and introducing daily exercise into your life.

You could even add some berries or a teaspoon of nut butter. A client of mine Alan, a 55 year old retired business man needed to lose a lot of body fat! Over the years those business lunches and long days sitting at the laptop had taken their toll. Knowing his health was at stake he challenged his friend to a six month charity weight loss competition. Alan was always reluctant to make changes to his diet and had tried heavy exercise to lose weight in the past and failed. Trouble was he was fighting a losing battle against a diet high in refined carbohydrates. With the will to win Alan finally gave in and made the switch to natural carbohydrates for the competition. In the six months Alan lost 3 stone of body fat, raised a load of money for charity and won the competition. Now that’s what I call an achievement! With simple diet changes Alan saw improvements in his skin, hair, energy levels and mood. He loves cooking and creating great tasting healthy meals and doesn’t miss his old diet one bit. There is a lot out there to confuse us about carbohydrates but remember, think natural! Stick to this simple rule and you can’t go wrong. Get creative in the kitchen and see what healthy alternatives and meals you can create. With the switch to natural carbohydrates your moods, sense of vitality and weight will improve dramatically, go on try it! He runs his own Personal Training business in Greenwich, London along with his partner and women’s fitness expert Judit Rago.

Where To Begin In My Weight Loss Journey : Loseit
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