Wildly Fluctuating: February 2020

You’ll always be hungrier than other people. It’s good to know this, because forewarned means forearmed. If you know ahead of time that increased hunger will be a problem, you will have time to figure out how to deal with it. If your health care people know that increased hunger will continue, they can try to help you figure out how to deal with it. I think most overweight people think that if they could just lose weight, they’d be thin people, and they could eat like thin people. I certainly thought so when I was young and went on a diet because I weighed 105 pounds. I was going on a vacation in Puerto Rico and wanted to be able to eat whatever I wanted, so I lost those 5 pounds on a Weight Watchers diet, which in those days was a low-carb diet. Once in Puerto Rico, I cleaned my plate at restaurants and ate desserts and promptly regained all the weight I’d lost. Clearly I hadn’t been transformed into a thin person who could eat everything in sight without gaining weight. Again, being forewarned that your hunger will increase as you lose weight should help. If your health care people understand how difficult it is to maintain weight lost through dieting, they should be more empathetic about what you’re going through and better able to help you to cope. Many people, including me, find that low-carb diets reduce hunger, and the diet used for the weight loss was 50% carbohydrate. So this study provides no evidence about ghrelin levels if the dieters had restricted carbohydrates. Let’s hope so. For me, at least, a lifetime without cookies would be better than a lifetime with hunger.

Super-easy Dukan diet bread - made with oatbranThese numbers represent the Zone diet – which normalizes blood sugar. Why is this? It is because the body has specific biological responses to protein, and to carbs. Carbs trigger insulin spikes, and protein triggers glucagon release, which lowers blood sugar. They MUST be in balance. You would not put diesel fuel into a gasoline engine. If you are eating the standard American diet, you are doing just that, putting the wrong fuel mixture into your body and damaging it. The human body has a preferred fuel composition, and that is a balance of protein and carbs, and low fat. If you do anything else, over time, you will become diabetic. I was the world’s greatest natural food cook. I was doing my very best to cook for my family and maintain a semi-vegetarian, natural foods orientation. Imagine my shock when I learned I was diabetic. Not to mention the fact that I weighed 283 pounds.

I noticed the mistake i’d made doing that, my heart was beating so hard in my chest because I’d done just that, then all of a sudden I started getting Premature Ventricular Contractionss. Lots of them, i used to get Premature Atrial Contractions but these are PVC’s, caught them on my ECG with a rate of 140bpm. I managed to get back over to the bed with my heart racing and firing off ectopics and laid down, as I laid down the ectopics stopped but the heart rate was still high. I started shaking, the room was freezing, i’d had the window open, I must have been very warm originally. I drank about 1.5 liters of water and over the next hour started to slowly feel more normal. I got up to pee a couple more times, but wayy more slowly and was ok. My BS was 6.7 at this point. I know that if I’d done anything more strenuous when I first woke up, I’d have probably had a heart attack.

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Tying in to the low carb/health theme here, I’ve got a relative who’sbeen having issues related to a fatty liver. He’s in a hospital rightnow with complications resulting from gall stones blocking hispancreatic duct(s) and has a nasty case of pancreatitis. Nearly everything I’ve read on the web recommends (not surprisingly) a highcarb, low fat diet for pancreatitis, which just strikes me as soooooowrong (fat is inflammatory and will make your pancreas work harder??)! I’ve found great articles on low carb for fatty liver, but nothingdefinitive regarding pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is a tricky thing.The term pancreatitis refers to inflammation of the pancreas. Unfortunately in this condition the pancreas literally ‘eats itself.’ When the pancreas is inflamed the treatment is generally to starve the body and allow the inflammation of the pancreas to subside. Problem is that the pancreas is responsible in the digestion of all foods. Having said that, certainly backing off on carbs will help the pancreas heal because it will not have to create the enzymes needed for carb digestion, and since insulin is also created by the pancreas, this secretion will be less as well.

Wildly Fluctuating: February 2020
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